Sonia Mainstone-Cotton

Early years participation trainer & consultant

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children’s nurture and wellbeing
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Mummy's Got Bipolar.

Can I tell you about Bi-Polar Disorder?

Published by Jessica Kingsley publishers, February 2018


Promoting Emotional Wellbeing in Early Years Staff

a practical guide for looking after yourself and your colleagues

Published by Jessica Kingsley publishers, March 2018

Promoting Young Children’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing

A practical guide for professionals and parents

Published by Jessica Kingsley publishers, March 2017


Mummy's Got Bipolar
Sonia Mainstone-Cotton and Jon Birch
Published by Jonson, 2016


Hearing Young Children’s Voices in the Common Assessment Framework

S Mainstone-Cotton and Dr J Rose

Published in Every Child Journal Volume 1.1(2009) -


Children’s Wellbeing

Sonia Mainstone-Cotton and Larissa Pople

Published in Early Years Education and Care:

New issues for practice from research 2014 edited by Susan Hay

Book Reviews


"So helpful to have this book to hand with the diverse issues facing early years workers. Reading this makes me a more thoughtful practitioner towards the children, my colleagues, other professionals and towards myself. I feel calmer."


"Well done! With so much stress in the early years profession this is a welcome edition. It's about time Education was freed from the shackles of any political parties! Those who have chosen to teach and care for children should be treated with the respect they deserve! They need to be encouraged to look after themselves and this book should encourage them to do so!"

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